The Old Gurung Museum (Ghandruk)

Old Gurung Museum is one of the attractions in Ghandruk which still preserves the antique and valuable culture of Gurungs. The Old Gurung Museum is inside what was once the traditional Gurung house. The museum is small but is filled with objects that explain both past and present life in Gurung village which are very informative.

The ground floor of the Old Gurung Museum is stuffed with a wealth of objects labeled in English with a description of their respective use. The objects show that people exercised creativity and skill to make everything they needed from what they had. Some examples of this are straw baskets for grain, woven tightly enough to keep mice out, bamboo fencing strong enough to keep a buffalo in, bamboo containers for milk which were large, medium, or small, for cow, sheep, or goat milk respectively. Similarly, the Old Gurung Museum also displayed shiny brass pots and pans, platters, plates, bowls, glass, and cups that serve dal bhat in today’s world. Furthermore, it also showcased wool blankets with designs in various colors such as ivory, beige, and brown. Musical instruments such as Sarangi, wooden instruments, weapons, and wooden containers were also displayed in the Old Gurung Museum. This museum shows the reflection of the Gurung culture and their lifestyle

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