About Tourist Information Portal

Annapurna Rural Municipality has developed an ICT Friendly tourist information system as a critical component of the larger Tourist Information Centre. The concept is being implemented under the latest Partnership Fund of Gandaki State Government and is currently under implementation. With this, we have aimed to benefit the tourists by collecting more information and information about the centers of attraction of this rural municipality, and managing them.The system is a blend of tourist information center, information portal and many other information available in a single and authentic place.

Within this concept, the municipal office has adopted innovative technology to maintain every piece of information related to tourism in a single place. The aim is to disseminate authentic information to internal and foreign tourists as well as other stakeholders.

In the first phase, we have focused on gathering the information scattered in various sources in this system, and as the second phase, we have taken the aim of providing more refined information and information by using advanced technologies such as: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, etc. Annapurna Rural Municipality will probably be the first local level in Nepal to practice this kind of practice.