Panchase Orchids

Orchids are one of the largest plant families in Nepal. About 506 species are distributed throughout the country and 142 wild species within 52 genera are reported from the Panchase forest. The most abundant genera of Orchids in the Panchase area of Annapurna Rural Municipality are

  • Bulbophyllum (20 species)
  • Dendrobium (15 species)
  • Pinalia (8 species)
  • Oberonia (7 species)
  • Coelogyne (6 species)
  • Cymbidium (6 species)
  • Gastrochilus (5 species)
  • Liparis (5 species)
  • Calanthe (4 species)
  • Goodyera (4 species)
  • Herminium (4 species)
  • Odontochilus (4 species)
  • Pholidota (4 species)
  • Zeuxine (4 species)
  • Otochilus (3 species) 

The peak flowering season for orchids in the Panchase region is July to August. It is observed that more than 60% of orchids bloom in this period. Spring brings Coelogyne species to bloom while August brings different species of Cymbidium, Bulbophyllun, Goodyera, and Panisea to bloom making the forest colorful and vibrant. The period between March - April and July - September would be the best time to visit Panchase to observe the blooming orchids.

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