Landruk Honey Hunting

Honey hunting or harvesting honey from wild bees is one unique traditional practice of the Annapurna region. The honey hunters of Gurung indigenous community frequently participate in honey hunting activity from bee colony nests in high rocky cliffs. Harvesting honey from wild bee colonies is one of the ancient human activities and here in Annapurna, it is an age-old tradition.

The honey hives are around 300- 400 meters high. Strong and daring Gurung tribesmen dangle through the cliff using a long bamboo ladder and braided hemp ropes amidst the swarm of honeybees to cut through hives of honeycombs. 

The honey hunting culture is extremely dangerous but still in practice because of its religious importance. Before leaving for their hunt, the honey hunters along with the visiting group take blessings of cliff gods and deities with a customary reverence to ensure a safe hunt. 

Late Spring and Late Autumn are known to be the best seasons for honey hunting.

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