Annapurna Village Municipality Promotes New Destinations


After displacing the old footpath by road, Annapurna village municipality of Myagdi is busy identifying and promoting the new destination.

The Andhagalchi-Tatopani-Ghar-Sikh-Ghodepani-Poon Hill section of the world-famous Annapurna Cycle Trail, which covers the geography of Annapurna, has been displaced and shortened. Dam Bahadur Pun, chairman of the village municipality, said that emphasis had been laid on identifying new tourist sites, construction of infrastructure, and promoting trekking and tourist stay.

“We have identified virgin destinations for post-Covid tourism,” he said. ‘Mauriz Hargoz’ connecting Annapurna base camp, Khayar-Khopra, Narchang and Mahabhir waterfalls, Jaljale-Fagam-Motichaur Barah-Dhaulagiri base camp, Karbakeli, Bayali, Moheredada, Pyaribarahi, Kalibarah lake, Phulbari, Guranspark, Mundra Tikot, Pauddhar, Sekarku, Ratopani Kund are the newly identified destinations of Annapurna. The world’s deepest gorge, Rupse waterfall, Bhurung-Tatopani, Ghodepani, Poon Hill, Annapurna-Dhaulagiri environmental community footpaths are the established tourist destinations of Annapurna.